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aloha! in case you were wondering, ohana means family. our ohana is made up of david, kim, april, rain, and kona the dog. welcome to our blog! we are san diego wedding photographers, but we put everything in here. san diego weddings, orange county weddings, hawaii weddings, destination weddings, road trips, and even friends with beach balls. come on in and share a little aloha. please leave comments as often as possible. we love hearing from our extended ohana. mahalo for stopping by!
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Thursday, June 26, 2008

that just happened

usually when dave does these posts he writes something long and involved and filled with bad puns.

i'm not dave.

that's how i roll.
future kim

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Jessie and Eric's Engagement Session in San Diego

you may have noticed it's been a little warmer lately. no, it's not summer coming around the corner. it's jessie and eric. we boldly walked past the fire danger warning signs and shot their engagement session amongst the dry brush of san diego's back country. luckily, no fires were started that day, but i did suffer a slight burn from overexposure to their hotness.

sizzle sizzle

jessie busted out the sexylicious look and nearly melted the camera. try not to get lost in her eyes.

we named the dog indiana! not really. i just wanted to say that. jessie and eric brought their sweet doggy along to join in a few shots.

must love dogs!

fearing jessie and eric's lava-like hotness would set the fields ablaze, we bailed the country for a little cityscape. chain-link me likey.

caged heat

if you think you're hot, try wearing body fur. sweet relief came from a kiddie fountain.

ahhhh. who's up for round two?!

i love it when couples aren't afraid to have a little fun in public. thank you jessie and eric for being down with everything we asked. it was such a pleasure working with you.

that's a wrap. cut, print, check the gate. jessie. eric. we're done guys. the camera's are off now. ok then. we'll see you two later.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

brunel of love

pam, wiley, riley and hayley had one of those weeks that people across the country dream about. they flew out to california and hit just about every theme park in so-cal. they packed in all the family fun a week in california could hold. somewhere in between all that fun they found time to meet up with us in encinitas for some family photos. hayley and riley had energy to spare. riley broke his arm just before flying out to california, but that didn't slow him down a bit.

with the kids hard at play, pam and wiley got to sit back and just enjoy each other's company.

who wants to make mud pies?

i love just letting parents and their children be themselves in front of the camera.
hayley was loving her mommy-go-round.

kelp is fun for the whole family

kim's not the only one that likes surfers.

hayley and riley were so much fun to follow around. they kept us on our toes (and on some rocks).

hop on pop

it makes my heart smile whenever i see two people that make each other happy. it was grinning big time seeing pam and wiley.

thank you pam and wiley for fitting us into your super busy fun-filled week in california. we really enjoyed meeting your ohana and getting to share a fun afternoon with you all.

we were blessed with such an awesome day. it had rained a little bit earlier, but was totally dry for our shoot. we even had the sun peek in on us for a bit. the water was warm, the surf was sweet, and the brunels could not have been any nicer to work with. what more could we ask for? nada.
when all our portrait fun was done we called it a wrap and went in search of kim and rain. where could they be?

we found them sitting on the beach checking the sweet surf and snapping a few shots of their own. kim shot this sequence. that guy's pretty good (for a short boarder).

who's ready to paddle out?
me me me me me!