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aloha! in case you were wondering, ohana means family. our ohana is made up of david, kim, april, rain, and kona the dog. welcome to our blog! we are san diego wedding photographers, but we put everything in here. san diego weddings, orange county weddings, hawaii weddings, destination weddings, road trips, and even friends with beach balls. come on in and share a little aloha. please leave comments as often as possible. we love hearing from our extended ohana. mahalo for stopping by!
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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Malie and Glenn

don't you just love it when your birthday falls on a saturday?
not that it matters when you're one, like malie, but it sure is nice when you get a little older. we're bummed we couldn't make it over to oahu to celebrate with malie. hope you had a great party at Treetops Restaurant in Manoa. we love Manoa! thanks for the picture cousin mark & J. baby malie is getting soo big. can't wait to see you all again. we miss you!

we took these pics the last time we saw malie. she was just a teeny wahine.

malie + mark + jadine = ohana

here's kim's brother glenn. aka charlie and the sock factory. :) you may have seen him pop up on the site every now and then. he usually has a pretty serious look on his face, like a guy that just memorized the table of elements. kim and i usually play good cop bad cop to distract him just long enough to catch a smile. here's one from today.

glenn's a big fan of bottlecaps. since he already depleated the girls stash of halloween bottlecaps, we got him a birthday roll.

here's a couple shots of glenn from "back in the day" (which was a wednesday by the way)

check out the sweet blue on blue vans.
take a good look at this shot and tell me glenn isn't jasmine star's long lost brother with funny lips.

i have to give glenn props. he's the stylish one of the bunch.


Patti said...

Hey there Glenn! And a Happy Happy Birthday to you :)Hope you are having an awesome B-day.

david & kimi baxter said...

Hau'oli la hanau Malie!
malie, we are so sad we missed your awesome birthday in manoa but most of all we miss you, your makua kane & makuahine! we hope we'll be able to come out and visit you next year! aloha!

happy birthday brosef. hope you liked your bottlecaps.

april rosburg said...

glenn! i lept the bottlecaps ON YOUR DOOR! c: haha happy birthday! and since i know you looked at that last picture, i owe you a punch in the arm.

and happy birthday to you too malie! hopefully we'll get to visit you guys soon!

patti and noah said...

A big shout out to Mark and J from San Diego. Are you guys ever coming here to visit? Malie looks adorable! One already? Where does the time go?

jadine, mark & malie said...

Thanks for the blog! We had a blast! She had a hawaiian Blessing with the same Kahu (minister) that married us. We'll send pics! I'll also send you the photoshow I did for her birthday. Hope the family is doing well and A big smooch to you guys for thinking of us! Love, Malie, Mark, Jadine

AHS Photography said...

Malie is adorable!!

cynthia said...

hey guys...found you at nely's blog, and i knew i had recognized your name from somewhere! a few weeks ago you emailed me regarding my photo tiles and the san diego chargers/padres! thought you "looked" familiar then...
so glad i found your blog and website...the photos are truly amazing, i've enjoyed looking and will definitely be back again soon!

Ginger Murray said...

That last photo is SWEET.

What are you guys shooting with?

david & kimi baxter said...

amy ~ i know right? she is so cute. we hope we can get back to see her soon.

cynthia ~ hey cynthia. we loved your tiles and hope we can order one soon and pass your info along!

ginger ~ thanks! you'll love wppi. in march vegas is just right.

david & kimi baxter said...

sorry ginger we shoot with a 5D i believe the lens on that shot was with our 50 1.2

Nataly Lemus said...

Malie is a cutie! Happy birthday to all :)

Angel said...

Happy Belated Birthday Glenn!!!! Look at how cute you were when you were little!!! Ok, you're still cute. :) Hope you had a great birthday! Not too often you get birthday wishes from Ohio, huh?!