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aloha! in case you were wondering, ohana means family. our ohana is made up of david, kim, april, rain, and kona the dog. welcome to our blog! we are san diego wedding photographers, but we put everything in here. san diego weddings, orange county weddings, hawaii weddings, destination weddings, road trips, and even friends with beach balls. come on in and share a little aloha. please leave comments as often as possible. we love hearing from our extended ohana. mahalo for stopping by!
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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

isabella's 1st birthday

the last time we took pictures of isabella she was just a bebe. it was her first time going to the beach. the world was hers to discover. we turn around for one minute (actually a few months) and she's a big girl now. where does the time go? she is so preciosa. just look at her now.

she dresses herself.

she's walking now.

she's always on the phone chatting up her friends.

she opens her own mail and pays her own bills.

all this, and she just turned 1 this month. amazing!

isabella gave us a peek into the life of a strong, independent, 1 year old.

we got a few pointers from her at the billiards table. don't even try to play her. you will lose.

here's how she gets the suckers on the hook and reels 'em in. just when you think she can't see over the edge, BLAMMO! she runs the table.

"A" number 1. queen of the hill. top of the heap.

a light snack before the sweets.

isabella got a little sugar from her mom and dad...

then it was on to the chocolate.

after sizing it up, she dove right in...

literally. now this is how you eat a chocolate cake. yummo!

a whole chocolate cake not sweet enough for you? c'mon, this is a kids party. bring on the pinata!

as is customary at children's parties, the pinata was made from solid titanium dipped in concrete, and coated with a thin steel shell for good measure. she held her ground through a seemingly unending torrent of miniature fury. 3 rounds later, the pinata maiden still refused to release the treasure she was transporting. several new, and creative, techniques were employed to retrieve the sweet payoff. (there may have even been a little help from some of the parents.)

finally the confections were released from the nearly impenetrable fortress and the children did rejoice.
the pinata, on the other hand, did not.
oh the humanity!

a quick trip to the cooler for some refreshing ice.

isabella gets her beauty from her mama, Amores.

and i think she gets her smile (and pool shark skills) from her papa. hopefully she picks up his cooking skills too. the food was awesome!

it's no surprise isabella is so bonita. she comes from a family full of fun, happy, beautiful women.

not to be outdone by the ladies, isabella's brother's got in for a couple shots. here's her little big brother timothy getting into party mode.

and here's her big big brother josh.

and of course, the ohana. thank you so much Amores for inviting us out to share in isabella's 1st birthday. feliz cumpleanos little one! don't grow up too fast.

i couldn't close this post without mentioning one of the best parts of parties...friends. i snapped this shot of Amores and Kim's friend, Kim and her daughter. they had such nice smiles i couldn't leave them out.

also, i want to thank a couple of my friends Jamie Lawler and Geri Goodale for coming along. i really enjoyed working with you two. talk with you soon.


Stephanie said...

What a little beauty!!! I love the picture of her at the pool table and the #1 billiard ball. very creative :*)Such a beautiful family, looked like a great time. Nicely done once again!

Angel said...

Oh my goodness!!!! She is absolutely adorable! I could get completely lost in those big beautiful eyes! She looks like she had a great time at her birthday party! I love the family picture! Happy birthday Isabella!

Nely said...

Soooo cute!

I love the second one! Looks like she's about to use her headband as a sling shot!

Marta said...

Beautiful family! That cake picture of her going to town is fantastic i also love the ones at the pool table. I wish I had beautiful pictures like these to document their growin up years. They grow up so fast.

katy said...

The photos of her with the cake are hilarious! What an absolute doll, she's so adorable! What a fabulous way to document such a big event... if only everyone had this nice of images from their first year of life!

michaela said...

So gorgeous, I love all her little cute faces she makes! You captured her birthday perfectly!

ashley & jeremy parsons said...

WHO takes a second and third shooter to a kids birthday party??? WHO DOES THAT??
little baby girl is adorable, as is the commentary of her life. ;)

Amores said...

I cried when i saw the pictures they all came out great, no that i had any doubts! My favorite pic is when she is trying to see over the edge of the pool table.

You guys are the BEST, the last pictures you guys took were awesome; so what a best present from Mommy to Isabella than getting Kim and David to take her 1st year old pics. Amores

Melissa McClure Photography said...

What a doll! Love the portraits with the #1 ball. So cute! and the pinata shots are priceless! I love me some pinata!

kymberli q. said...

OK, these are just sooooo sweet!!!! And the story made me laugh!! I absolutely LOVE the shot of her with the 1 ball and LOVE the shot of her with Daddy. Great job!! Love these!!

Jeffrey said...

You grow em gorgeous out there huh? Must be that California sun :=} These pictures are just precious. Beautiful baby girl and beautiful family and friends. I love that 2nd image and the one with her eating the cake. So jealous of your weather. It's snowing out here in Detroit :={

I'd also like to say what generous people you are to help out other photographers in your area by bringing them along.

Anonymous said...

Long time stalker first time commenter. I love reading your blog. The story here is so sweet and funny! "oh the humanity!" :)I had to comment on these. That little girl is so precious. I so wish I would of gotten my little girls birthday photographed. Our pictures were not too great. Nice jjob again guys!


Rachel Brooke said...

I just love kids! These portraits of Isabella are beautiful.

gabriel ryan said...

isabella may start a revolution. i envision babies across the globe, uniting to assert their rights... a new 'che' or martin luther, for her people: the little ones, the one-year olds, the infants. or she may just decide to live-it-up in the comfort and awesomeness of being the baby.

awesome images!!!

maria said...

Gracias, por compartir conmigo…Isabella es preciosa!!! Y ya camina!

Nataly Lemus said...

Oooooh, so many photos! Love them! Isabella is such a cutie! I'm telling you, seeing photos of babies is going to get me in trouble! All I can think of is, "I waaaaant one!"

mark brooke said...

beautiful! the color is so great in these pictures. You are awesome! -candice

yvonne said...

these pictures are simply beautiful. you did spectacular job and everybody looks very nice, especially Isabella.

I think her eyes look just like Timo’s.

Shannon Lott said...

I'm a sucker for babies...:)

desireehayes said...

Awww, sooo cute!!!

Oh and hi jamie!

Armin de Fiesta said...

Love the photo of her with the phone and her attacking the cake, priceless!

Eddie Bojorquez (Studio 512) said...

They must be completely stoked on how great these came out! Yer the man.

Jasmine Marie said...

She is so adorable!

Thanks for your kind comments. I look forward to keeping in touch! :)

(And isn't it beautiful in SD right now? It makes me feel SO blessed to live here.)

Jamie said...

I love that you posted the severed leg shot! That crack me up. I had such a good time. I would second, third, or fourth for you any day! Thanks again for the invite.

Can you email me your address so I can send you a CD. I'd offer to drop it off but my car died on the freeway last night and apparently I need a new engine. Yikes!

Mahalo mucho. (in the multi-ethnic spirit of the party)


Jasmine Marie said...

Or fifth! ;)

Geri said...

As if your photos weren't enough, your writing is hysterical. I second Jamie's thought about being there if you every have the space again. So sorry to hear about your car, Jamie.

tisha said...

I make the same face when I pay my bills.

Beautiful baby girl! Great pictures of her birthday.

ELI said...

I think Isabella is the most beautiful baby in the world. I love all the pictures. ERES DIVINA Y TE QUIERO MUCHISIMO.

Anonymous said...

I just love the pictures of that beautiful baby girl and her handsome big brothers and the one of her and her daddy. Those touch my heart. Fantastic family pictures!


Tanya + Cesar Perez said...

Could she be any cuter! :) Looks like we will be able to meet you soon at the Anti-Workshop. I finally checked out the forum and saw your name. :)

Ricki Ford said...

Great shots here David.. I love the cake shot thats funny stuff.

Linda said...

I must say these are so fabulous! I cannot wait to hire you guys when I can. I love how everyone always looks so happy and beautiful in your photographs. My favorite picture is the cake ones and the 2nd one!

Marlin Munoz said...

Super cute! Awesome images as always!

Ruby said...

really and truly beautiful....your images tell a story.
awesome captures of a little angel!

Dawn Malone said...

Mom and Dad must luv these. My fav is the #1 ball.

Melkis said...

the pics are amazing ....she is a beautiful princess. and i can already tell she has a fun, loving & fearless spirit

Kristy said...

oh my Amores, Isabella is absolutely beautiful!!!! I Love the pictures, you look like you are the happiest woman on earth,I hope everything is going well for you :) Kristy

highlander said...

so how do you get the pretty reflections in their eyes? (of Amores and Kim's friend, Kim and her daughter.) very pretty!


Anonymous said...

Your work is pretty amazing. I saw your website threw's blog. You are very talented.