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aloha! in case you were wondering, ohana means family. our ohana is made up of david, kim, april, rain, and kona the dog. welcome to our blog! we are san diego wedding photographers, but we put everything in here. san diego weddings, orange county weddings, hawaii weddings, destination weddings, road trips, and even friends with beach balls. come on in and share a little aloha. please leave comments as often as possible. we love hearing from our extended ohana. mahalo for stopping by!
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Saturday, August 30, 2008

happy 4th birthday jake!

happy happy birthday from all of us to you. we wish it was our birthday so we could party too! wait, we can still party. can and did.

where else would a 4 year old kid want to go for a birthday party? chuck e cheese!

this guy has seen one too many children's parties.

first stop was the game room. it's like a vegas for pre-schoolers. eagle-eye kim spotted this shot. me likey.

another kim shot.

try as he might, jakey was not winning the stacks of tickets that he wanted.

frustration reared it's ugly head.

jakey's gettin upset!

rain came to the rescue with handfuls of tickets and shared some with jake.

THIS IS CAKE TOWN! it's delicious.

bootsy in tha house!

now for the good part. the prizes. kimi, tell jake what he's won!
well jake, since you're a young man that needs stuff, how about... a hundred dollars! that's right. a crisp benjamin from your uncle king.

but wait, there's more! more?! squealed jake.

that's right! you'll be the envy of every kid in town when they see you in this...

brand new clone trooper helmet! oooooo! aaaaaaahhh!

why don't you just look over there and watch your uncle glenn get it out of the box for you & never mind that tugging sensation you feel in your right hand.

what? what happened? someone stole your hundred dollar bill? that's terrible. are you sure you didn't drop it? where was the last place you saw it? are you sure it was in your right hand? i think it was in your left hand.

no, it wasn't me. i've been holding this camera and taking pictures. no, i don't think i caught the perp on camera? hey, what are you doing looking at the lcd on the back of my camera?

if i don't get my hundo back right now SOMEBODY GONNA GET A HURT REAL BAD. somebody.

while we search for the perp, let's check in on uncle G to see how that helmet is coming along.

we've already seen his handy work on rain's helmet. jake's should be easy.


glenn could never be A REAL CLONE TROOPER...

like his brother mike. he's so cool.

jakey's gonna be just like his dad, only a lot better looking.

as things were winding down jake spotted something else he had "misplaced." his gold medal.

as i was explaining that i wasn't sure how it got around my neck jake bypassed the pleasantries all together and went straight to fisticuffs.

that was where jake made A HUGE TINY MISTAKE.

our ohana. nice eyeball mike.

partners in crime, rain and jake.

if you'd like to see more from the party, here's a slideshow for ya. it's the best day ever!


ohana photographers-david and kimi said...

happy birthday jakey!!! we love love love you very much! we had a great time spending your... er ummm...hope you got some cool stuff like a brand new light sabre! see you soon little man!

love & smoochies aunt kimi

april rosburg said...

happy birthday jake!

uncle mike: which of the buttons on the clone trooper helmet calls your parents to come pick you up?

Beautiful Moments Photography said...

Looks like Jake had an awesome party! Did you save me any cake? ;)

Jacob Bergmeier said...

Awesome story. Thanks for sharing it with us.

lynn said...

Funny story as always! I love Arrested Development and that triumph the dog skit is so funny! Looks like ya'll had lots of fun!

ksenija said...

looks like you guys had some seriously good times! Jake is WAY too cute... & i adore the 'eagle-eye Kim shots'!! hap, happ, happy birthday Jake! :D

Ricki Ford said...

Hppy brithday Jake!! I love the one of Jake getting the $100 bill..

Nely said...

looks like fun!

Happy Birthday, Jake!

I'm jealous of Rain's Corona helmet :P.

Carrie Hasson said...

wow, who knew ChuckECheese could look so good?!

stephanie said...

Ha ha ha! These are some funny pictures!! Love the Somebody gonna get hurt real bad one! Those storm trooper ones are just too funny! Happy Birthday Jake!

Marlin Munoz said...

Happy Birthday Jake! Always a good time at Check E.. Cheese! I love that.. uhh I mean my kids love that place!

heather said...

Happy Birthday Jake! Your commentary is hilarious as always! Great shots through the glass and the gold medal series was too funny!

Anonymous said...

Love Birthday party pics. The CHUCK man is the best. Hope you had a blast Jake!

Anonymous said...

Aren't kids just the best?! What a super fun day for a birthday! And great shooting too...Kim snagged some good ones.

Gina Leigh

Kara May said...

Oh I LOVE those shots of him playing the games - the colors were killer. Great PP and captures! Soooo fun!! Your posts are always so full of energy - love that!!

Anonymous said...

What an adorable little guy!! Loved reading this post. Such FUN photos! :o)

Ruby said...

Looks like a great time!
Happy Birthday to Jakey~

Pictures are wonderful and the commentary is hilarious! Give the kid back his money!!

AHS Photography said...

happy birthday jake!

Chriselda said...

if my kid wasn't afraid of cameras
or wrapping paper
... or people...

i would TOTALLY want you to photo
his bday parties.

(if i had them in the first place...)

the end.

Hanssie said...

Happy Birthday Jake! My baby will be 4 in November, would you guys STOP growing up so fast?!

chris stewart said...

Dude that corona hat is priceless but where did the corona come from? and jake gettin some fatty scrill for his birthday. Awesome shots man.

lynn said...

Those Storm Troopers or Clone Trooper pictures are hilarious!!! I love Triumph the Dog!! Happy Birthday Jake! You are so cute with your little fists!!
Chuck E Cheese rules!! DId I just say that out loud >.<

Shannon Lott said...

Looks like a super fun kid party! Your commentary is awesome as usual.

Josh said...

The pics are great, but I didn't see any shots of the famous Chuck E. Cheese ultra slimey greasy pizza!

Dawn Malone said...

Felt like I was there, Happy Birthday Jake.

E said...

a special happy birthday to your jake.. looks like an awesome party

Eddie Bojorquez (Studio 512) said...

happy b-day, little dude!

Angel said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Jake is toooooo cute! Gotta love Chuck E Cheese!!!! I actualy went there witha girlfriend as an adult and had just as much fun as the kids I think! :) hahaha I hope Jake had a great 4th birthday! Looks like he did!

Amanda said...

Oh the memories of birthday parties a Chuck E Cheese! I love it! They are opening one up near my house! YAY! Looks like an awesome birthday!

Leah said...

I love these, so colorful and fun. Vegas for preschoolers, too true! He's gonna love that helmet, I can't get it off my kiddos